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  • TITUS - Politics is not a game
    TITUS - Politics is not a game1.5.0 (Paid)
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a politician? Play the role of TITUS, an agoraphobic watchmaker who decides to achieve his dream of becoming the president of Wealland. TITUS by Frogames is a dark and cynical political campaign simulator, full of low blows, corruption and 3D mini-games. ------------------------------------ KEY FEATURES • 5 mini 3D arcade games. • a Campaign mode where you will have to conquer your fears and face Desmond the mime to become President of Wealland. • a Simple Election mode. • a Direct access to the mini-games to practice and beat your own records. • more than 30 ACHIEVEMENTS. • an encyclopedia that provides game tips, descriptions of the characters you already met, and a map of Wealland. • a somber universe featuring a uniquely gloomy atmosphere, with troubled characters, and eerie music.


Version 1.5.0 (Paid) 11-15 06:01
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11-15 06:01
1.5.0 (Paid)
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