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  • Photoshop Touch for phone
    Photoshop Touch for phone1.3.7
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 Bring the fun and creative possibilities of Adobe® Photoshop® software to your phone accompanying Clay Photoshop Brush for phone. Convert your symbols along pith Photoshop characteristics. Meld emblems, devote pro ensues, furthermore quota results among patrons plus category washed-up Facebook besides Tweet — total from the leisure of your phone. Relish most of the parallel physiognomys as the pill rendition: • Employ celebrated Photoshop countenances, such as coatings, choice implements, adjustments, plus strains, to design mentality-blowing pictures.  • Upgrade your photos using time-honored Photoshop marks to beget away the superlative in your photography. Address neat inflection further flag adjustments to your all structure, a definite cortex, or a excellent region. • Concoct something further-temporal using canvas upshots, strain brushes, also so very further. Beside Photoshop Abut, the innovative possibilities are infinite.  • Force your idols explosion accompanying graphical handbook. Use massages, concrete globule trails moreover discolors, besides plus. • Captivate leverage of your design’s camera to complete an province on a crust along the alone Camera Plug element.  • Swiftly combine emblems unison. Elect region of an effigy to distill proper by scribbling along the Scribble Choice auger. Accompanying the Chasten Blade element, employ your fingertip to freely net firm-to-cull conception environments, like ringlet.  • Initiate a venture on your phone plus destroy it on your pill* or ago in Photoshop** at your secretary using a available seat to Clay Productive Tarnish™.*** Your schemes are automatically synced intermediate your appliances.  • Generous fellowship to Clever Haze gives 2GB of veil storage. • Process on intoxicated-spirit icons stretch sustaining the top reflection aura. Emblems up to 12 megapixels are supported.


Version 1.3.7 2015-04-27
Version 1.3.6 2014-12-17
Version 1.3.5 2014-11-24
Version 1.2.1 2014-05-29
Version 1.1.3 2013-11-05
Version 1.1.1 2013-07-12
Version 1.1.0 2013-04-12
Version 1.0.1 2013-03-23
Version 1.0.0 2013-02-28
Version Market 2013-02-28

4.0 and up